The Green Citizen: Recover, Renew, Reshape

A Three Day Online Symposium on October 26-28th, 2020.

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, for the first time the 2020 Green Citizen Symposium will be entirely virtual. All presentations and workshops will be hosted, delivered and moderated online using the WebEx Meetings platform. Download here.

The Green Citizen: Recover, Renew, Reshape is a three day symposium for college students and interested members of the general public focusing on taking a hard look at our systems in place and how we may deal with them during and after a worldwide pandemic. We want to begin looking at modest, imaginative, and bigger solutions and responses.

We’ll be examining these features for our current and future world online for three days running from 26 October through 28 October. Each session is divided into two components, our keynote speaker and a guided workshop for our Seneca students.

Members of the general public can register for free for any keynote speaker portion of our session until we have met full registration. Students as part of their program requirement are obliged to register for and participate in at least one complete session. There is no charge for students and registration can be undertaken through our links below.

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Monday morning 9 am to noon

Open to all.

Designated Seneca students only.

Noted speaker: Diane Saxe

Dianne Saxe, Ph.D. in Law, is one of Canada’s most respected environmental lawyers. She was the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario 2015 – 2019, reporting to the Legislature on environment, energy and climate, and guardian of the Environmental Bill of Rights. Now heads SaxeFacts Law Professional Corporation, focussing on the climate crisis. Substantial board and media experience. Hosts Green Economy Heroes podcast. Senior Fellow, Massey College. Law Society Medal. Clean 50 honouree.


Monday afternoon 1 pm to 4 pm

Open to all.

Designated Seneca students only.

Noted Speaker: Frances Edmonds

In her role as head of Sustainable Impact, Frances Edmonds is responsible for driving business from sustainability leadership. Focusing on Canadian’s sustainable procurement practices Frances is working to change how Canada buys. She also oversees HP Canada’s full suite of corporate social responsibility programs including strategic partnerships with key nonprofit organizations and an
industry leading volunteer program. Under Frances’s leadership, HP became the most sustainable technology company in Canada 1 in 2018.


 Tuesday morning 9 am to noon

Open to all.

Designated Seneca students only.

Noted speaker: Brad Zarnett

Brad Zarnett is a Canadian sustainability strategist, writer and speaker. In 2008 Brad founded the Toronto Sustainability Speaker Series (TSSS) to showcase sustainability leadership and has since hosted more than 40 events.

After 12 years of consulting and promoting leadership in Corporate Sustainability, Brad could no longer ignore the data – the promise of a more sustainable world was not being delivered. Despite all of the positive inputs that had gone into the system, outputs were getting worse and every major ecosystem on the planet was in the state of decline.

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Tuesday afternoon 1 pm to 4 pm

Open to all.

Designated Seneca students only.

Noted speaker: Maryam Golnaraghi, Ph.D.

Maryam Golnaraghi is the Director of Climate Change and Emerging Environmental Topics at The Geneva Association, a platform of 80+ group CEOs of the global insurance industry. Over the last 20 years in international executive and senior advisory positions in the industry, government and the United Nations, Maryam has led, drove and managed transformative multi-stakeholder climate risk initiatives with global impacts, and mobilized and aligned the private and public sectors, to scale up transitioning to a resilient low-carbon economy. In June 2020, Maryam was named one of the most influential leaders in climate change, by InsuranceERM.


Wednesday morning 9 am to noon

Open to all.

Designated Seneca students only.

Noted speaker: Jeremy Bailey

Jeremy Bailey is a senior consultant at GreenBlue Urban, where his experience covers a broad range of knowledge including, sustainable low impact development, urban tree planting, green infrastructure and stormwater management. His knowledge offers many insights into the value of incorporating high-performance tree design into the urban landscapes, integrating stormwater management, and providing many solutions that are being utilized globally within our cities. Jeremy speaks at green infrastructure and sustainable development conferences around the world, as well as lectures at Universities in the United States and Canada.


Wednesday afternoon 1 pm to 4 pm

Open to all.

Designated Seneca students only.

Noted speaker: Jay Pitter

Jay Pitter, MES, is an award-winning placemaker whose practice mitigates growing divides in cities across North America. She spearheads institutional city-building projects specializing in public space design and policy, forgotten densities, mobility equity, gender-responsive design, inclusive public engagement and healing fraught sites. What distinguishes Jay is her multidisciplinary approach, located at the nexus of urban design and social equity, which translates community insights and aspirations into the built environment. Ms. Pitter also makes significant contributions to urbanism theory and discourse.

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