Maryam Golnaraghi is the Director of Climate Change and Emerging Environmental Topics at The Geneva
Association, a platform of 80+ group CEOs of the global insurance industry. Over the last 20 years in
international executive and senior advisory positions in the industry, government and the United Nations,
Maryam has led, drove and managed transformative multi-stakeholder climate risk initiatives with global
impacts, and mobilized and aligned the private and public sectors, to scale up transitioning to a resilient low-
carbon economy. In June 2020, Maryam was named one of the most influential leaders in climate change,
by InsuranceERM.
Currently, Maryam works with the c-suite & boards of the global re/insurance companies, financial
institutions, governments, regulators and international standard setting bodies to enable and scale up the
integration of climate risks into core business and shape future regulatory requirements; innovate risk
management practices to attract private capital for resilient low-carbon infrastructure; and build financial
resilience to extreme events for people, businesses and governments, including a major initiative on flood
resilience in a changing climate in mature economies.
From 2004 to 2014, she was Chief of the Disaster Risk Reduction Program at the United Nations World
Meteorological Organization (WMO). Developed and led an international program that leverages regional
cooperation, strategic partnerships and national meteorological, hydrological and climate services of
member states to build disaster and climate risk management policies and capacities in public and private
sectors. Initiated, led, secured funding, managed complex projects in 70+ countries. Maryam also supported
UN member states with the development of national early-warning and emergency-preparedness systems,
leveraging the latest technological developments and regional cooperation in weather, water and climate
forecasting. Following the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, she served as an adviser to former U.S. President
Clinton in his capacity as the UN Special Envoy on Tsunamis. She negotiated international agreements and
coordinated activities that enabled the dissemination of tsunami alerts to all countries in less than five
From 1997 to 2004, Maryam was the Founder and CEO of Climate Risk Solutions Inc., the first research and
advisory firm to deliver advanced climate risk analytics and risk management solutions to companies in
energy, agriculture and financial sectors.
Dr. Golnaraghi serves on a number of international, governmental, industry and non-profit advisory boards
and has served as a senior advisor to governments of Canada and the US as well as top officials of the UN.
She has authored numerous internationally referenced reports and a book. She received a Ph.D. in Physical
Oceanography and a M.Sc. in Applied Physics from Harvard University, and B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering
from Cornell University. She was also a Senior Research Fellow at Harvard Business School.