On completion of the Green Citizen learning module those who register and complete the online discussion requirements will be awarded the Green Citizen Card in recognition of an ability to:

  • Describe the ecological connection between you and the environment.
  • Develop a personal collection of interpretive tools for assessing your impact on the environment and what you as a citizen can do in response.
  • Identify opportunities for an employer to meet an environmental imperative in their workplace.
  • Contribute to the public conversation about the meaning of an environmental imperative.

Topic Highlights


Unit 1: Everyday is Earth Day!

  • The study of the environment
    • Perceptions and attitudes surrounding its study and appreciation
    • Obstacles preventing or distracting you from seeking solutions for problems
  • Ways an understanding of the environment enhances daily lives and jobs
  • The current stresses within the global ecosystem

Unit 2: The environment, where do you fit in?

  • The connection between you and the environment
  • The self-regulating systems of Earth
  • Your personal obligation for this shared environment

Unit 3: Me, my program, my career.

  • What this means for you and your career
  • Participant is provided with a tool to undertake an Academic Green Transect (AGT) of their academic program