Everyday is Earth Day

removedHuman dependence on air, water and soil has no off days. It’s the source of your survival but also of the things humans use to make lives more comfortable and civilized, from the rare earth minerals that form part of cell phones, televisions, and even a wind turbine, to the oil and gas for heating living places and powering cars, and the fresh drinkable water without which life is not possible.

The earth however is also the greatest “sink”. The landfills in which garbage is buried; the atmosphere in which everything from carbon emissions and toxic pollutants to ozone depleting substances are deposited; the oceans which store (or sequester) much of our carbon releases but in turn are made more acidic thus threatening the fish and small plankton life on which life in the ocean depends; and the freshwater in which traces of pharmaceuticals flushed down the toilet, or the waste products off driveways, eventually reside. Everything is connected.

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