Where I live

removed One response to the impact of our cumulative ecological and carbon footprint is to wilfully ignore its meaning. Sooner or later however it effects the place where you live. You can deny its impact, erect a big fence around your property, argue that water is safe, the air is clean, and that changing weather patterns have nothing to do with human impact. Arguing and debating are fine tools but they can't change reality. Sooner or later you have to acknowledge the nature of the world and your obligation. Hopefully it isn't too late!

Your obligation is to make conscious choices. They start with your own life. You might be putting out recycling materials once a week, installing energy efficient lighting, or perhaps even buying a bag of locally grown potatoes. One of the most significant choices you make is where you live and how many of your needs are within walking distance. These determine how lightly you tread on the earth and in many cases how healthy you are.

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