Unit 3 Overview

removedUnit 3 concludes your study. You have learned that humanity faces significant challenges. Despite the improvements in efficiency whether in car mileage or lighting offices, the absolute increase in the use of resources continues as does the disposal of new products associated with this increase. The long term challenge is moving towards a world in which there no longer is any waste, performing much as nature functions, in which products find new uses, or are re-tooled for different purposes. As this diminishes impact on waste disposal so also does it make individuals and organizations more resilient by their constant reuse or retooling of products, with an associated reduction in the need for new resource use.

By mid century there may be over 10 billion people on earth, up from today’s total of seven billion. While more of them will live in cities with opportunities for greater efficiency in providing products and services, people’s increasing prosperity will drive even more consumption.

The final section of this module focuses on what this means for you, your career and the place in which you live and work.

Agenda for Unit 3:

  • Today’s Workplace and the Environmental Imperative
  • My Preferred Choices
    • Green Citizen Lifestyle Survey II
  • Lecture: Our Current Opportunity
  • Talking Heads Video: Todd Latham
  • Exercise: My Career
    • In-class discussion
  • Conclusion and Green Card Validation