Our Current Opportunity

removed Humans have invented, discovered, and created multiple aspects of living which are profoundly enlightening and delightful, from advances in urban prosperity and health care that allow you to live longer, to improvements in entertainment and technology. Many households now possess more benefits of civilization than were once available in the biggest libraries and elite concert halls.

In large measure this was because of the ingenuity and sacrifices of those who went before you. They planted a tree whose full splendour you now realize on a hot day. They wrote a song which you sing at parties. They designed a bicycle part which makes it easier and more fun for you to get around. Likewise you make choices that will have impact on lives and a world you may never see. You can ignore that obligation; you can take a contrarian point of view that says that if everyone thinks this is important than you’ll take the opposite stance; you can hide out in a gated compound; or, you can joyfully engage in the time honoured obligation to choose life.

What choices will you make as you start building a career and live the rest of your live?