The Green Citizen Campaign is made possible by Seneca College and the Centre for Academic Excellence under Laurel Schollen whose office has provided funding and ongoing support in realizing this initiative.

The Green Citizen learning module was conceived, written, and developed by a team consisting of Atif Mohamed, Carolyn Anderson, William Humber, Wilfred Chun-Yue Ho, Amanda Legros, and Christine Doody Hamilton with production support provided by Peter Hamilton, Michael London, Michael M.K. Hui, the Centre for Academic Excellence including Kevin Pitts, Valerie Lopes and Ryan Dang, and the Centre for the Built Environment including Roy Paluoja and Nahgeib Miller. From the Green Business Management Program, students Mark Conte and Stephen Phoon assisted.

Sincere thanks are extended to the following organizations which made staff, resources, and ideas available to us including, Neko Harbour Entertainment and Mark Terry for the Polar Explorer footage, The Stockholm Resilience Centre, The Office of the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, Actual Media, Evergreen Foundation, Bob Willard of the New Sustainability Advantage, Peter Bjarkman, Leeroy Murray, London South Bank University, the River Restoration Centre at Cranfield University in the United Kingdom, and the Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment.